Frequently Asked Questions


Is Chemistry Nightclub exclusively a gay nightclub?

  • Chemistry Nightclub is what you want it to be! The majority of our members and guests are gay, however, we have many straight members and guests that love to come to our club. Everybody is welcome regardless of their orientation!


What are the club hours?

  • 8:00pm until 2:30pm.


Can I smoke/vape Marijuana, Delta 8 or CBD in Chemistry??

  • Marijuana usage and possession inside all of our venue is strictly prohibited. We also DO NOT allow smoking of Delta 8 or CBD due to the inability of our staff to distinguish the difference and the odor may be disturbing to some guests. Guests in violation may be subject to denied entry into the venue and will be asked to leave the premises without reimbursement, and/or subject to detainment, citation or arrest by local law enforcement.


Do I need a drivers license or ID card to get into Chemistry?

  • Yes. You are required to provide us with either a Driver’s License from any state, a NC DMV ID Card, a military identification card, or a passport. All forms of identification must be current and have not expired. Paper IDs are not accepted. Valid identification must have a photograph, birth date and signature or they are not valid for age verification under North Carolina law.


Can I use my college ID card?

  • No, we can only accept the photo identification cards mentioned above.


What is the minimum age to enter the club?

  • You must be at least 18 to come into the club. We do limit the number of under 21 patrons each night. The limit is based on the event and the number of personnel on duty so come early.


What forms of payment do we accept?

  • We accept all major credit cards and contactless payments.



Are bar tabs allowed?

  • Yes you may open a bar tab with any of our bartenders. We will ask to hold your ID and credit card until the tab is closed.


Is there a dress code?

  • There is no dress code requirement to enter Chemistry. However, no outfit where the breasts, buttocks, or genitalia areas are exposed will be allowed. Sunglasses are not allowed to be worn over the eyes. Shoes are required.


Is there a coat check service?

  • We offer coat check complimentary with our premium and VIP membership levels, guests with instant membership will be charged a nominal $2 fee. We are not responsible for lost, missing or damaged items in the coats. We strongly advise everyone to leave valuables in the TRUNK of their car.


What items are not allowed in the club?

  • Outside beverages, food, and video cameras are not permitted in the club. Umbrellas, backpacks, and large carry bags or purses must be checked at the door. We have a zero tolerance for any drug possession or usage on our premises including parking lot areas.


Where is parking?

  • There are several spaces in our parking lot in front of Chemistry. Otherwise, we also  have a large lot on the side of our building.


Is smoking allowed in the club?

  • As of January 2, 2010, restaurants and bars in North Carolina were required to be smoke-free (G. S. 130A-496) however smoking is allowed in our patio areas.


Can I rent the club for birthdays or other events?

  • We do offer several areas of the nightclub for rental. Management will direct you to the appropriate person to discuss the rental fees and dates available.


Do you have security?

  • We hire several police officers on the weekend. They are usually standing in front of the club or across the street to discourage crime and to assist us with any problems that we may encounter.


Do you have a copy of your logo?

  • Advertisements must be approved by management prior to posting, we have to 6 logo formats in this file you can select the transparent logo of your liking or use this simple logo.


Standard Members Free Before 10

Tuesday & Wednesday - Free
Thursday - Student FREE with Student ID | Without College ID $3
Friday, Saturday - Standard Member $5 | Express Member $7

*Subject to change for special events & holidays

Hours (Reduced)

Due to Covid-19, we have reduced hours

Tuesday - Saturday 8pm - 2am


Chemistry Nightclub
2901 Spring Garden Street
Greensboro, NC 27403
(336) 617-8571